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Sunday, 16 September 2012

You've Got Mail.

Hey guys.

Isn't it amazing how you can get post, and feel so much happier when you open the contents. My best friend sent me a message saying she'd sent me something in the post, and I was eagerly awaiting it, and it's cheered me up, cause she knows exactly the sorts of things I like - namely Tatty Teddy, or the Me to You Bear, however you know it as, and thanks to her, Gareth knows too! (:

The card she got me to thank me for her birthday present - a gorgeous polar bear clock that had the engravement 'Mel + Ginge - BFF' on it. (: 

The tatty teddy she sent me in the post. It so cheered me up, it's such a little cutie.

So naturally I sat it with the cute tatty teddy that Gareth bought for me a little while ago. (: 

My best friend had bought me this one as a going away present when she found out I was going away for work. 

And she got me this one for my birthday this year. (: 

So I have my very own tatty teddy collection going, and I absolutely adore it! Such a cute little bear. (: 

Dormy Saz


  1. You're blessed to have such a wonderful friend who sends you packages. I LOVE getting mail, but get so little of it. Sure I get tons of emails, but that's totally different.

    Enjoy your weekend Saz!

    1. I adore getting mail, but like you, I hardly get any. So when I do get some I'm always incredibly happy about it. (:

      You enjoy your weekend too!


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