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Friday, 21 September 2012

Cuteness All Around.

Heya guys.

Life here has been quite amazing, it's so peaceful and lovely. I've had a few emotional moments again but I'm working through them, so I'm surviving. I've been trying to get photo's as often as I can here, it's just very difficult when I'm always working, haha. 

The head chef here owns a very adorable kitten, and I figured you'd like to see a shot or two that I took of her. So.. Here you go! 

She appears to like tree's.

I also remember while shifting through photo's that I had seen the red arrows and got a load of photo's of those. So here's a couple of my favourites. (: 

And a seagull to end it. (: 

I'm so happy with how my photography is coming on in the last year and so. (: I'll try to update more too! 

Dormy Saz


  1. Saz that's one cute kitten!

    What a treat to see the planes flying in formation, I haven't seen something like this in forever, from what I recall they are loud though, but what's loud when you can get in a few fantastic shots like you have? :-)

    I love the way you ended your post, one lone seagull left alone in peace and serenity.

    I'll try to visit here a wee bit more often, I know my blogger fiends sure helped me out when I was feeling homesick while I was away from home.

    I hope you have an amazing weekend! Cheers.

    1. They are pretty loud, but yes, it is definitely worth it! We had so much fun watching them. They hadn't flown for a couple of years, so it was a treat!

      I was watching the seagull flying above people watching the red arrows, and found it very amusing, haha. I was happy with how the shot turned out.

      Thank you, it's lovely getting on my blog and seeing comments on them. (:

  2. Hello, it's a fellow friend blogger (coming to you through a post by Darlin) what a very cool photo, which could be quite a good prompt for writing! I hope all is well in your new adventures, and that you are getting to see new and exciting places while you are away. I shall be your newest post some cool photos of such a lovely place!

    1. Hello Karen, and thank you for following my blog! I will be sure to continue posting photo's. (: Thanks again!

  3. Hello from Texas!!! So you are English living in Scotland? Awesome!! Where 'bouts in Scotland? My daughter and her husband lived in Aberdeen for a year - August 2009 - August 2010. She started a blog then to keep in touch with all us at home. is her Scotland experience.

    My husband and I visited them for the whole month of December that year and it was amazing! Now Dec. in Scotland is probably not the most scenic and it snowed/iced/rain/ just about every day. Which my Beach Babe daughter found to be very challenging to her mental health!

    Amber kept up her blog after returning home - called it Texas Tales! She just had quadruplets 3 months ago and - just like when she lived in Scotland and we visited there - we have renovated a RV camper, moved it down here to the Houston area where they and are now living in it 3 weeks out of every month to help her with the babies.

    Life is a great adventure and I am SO going to enjoy your blogging about yours!!

    The photos are gorgeous!!

    By the way -I am blogging friends with 'Darlin' and she is just THAT!

    1. Hello! I'm currently on the Isle of Arran, off the coast of Scotland, it's so beautiful here and I really am loving it! I'll be sure to check out your daughters blog!

      I'm looking forward to some snow here, especially on the mountain tops, it will look absolutely stunning! (: I'm not the biggest fan of cold weather, but after living in Britain so long, I'm sort of used to it now, haha.

      Aww, I bet they are very adorable babies too! (: Must be so much fun helping out with them.

      Haha, thank you very much! And thank you for following my blog. (:

  4. Hey! I also popped over from darlin's blog. Isn't it great how we can meet new friends with a few clicks?! Hope you are having a wonderful day.

    1. Hi Galen, thank you for following my blog! It is amazing really, and it's so easy to make friends too. (: Makes the world a much better place when people are friends.

  5. Ah! that's SO cute I hope she gets safely down. I love your capture of the flying formation .... so difficult to catch them when they're moving fast and you're looking directly up.
    Hope your week goes well and keep on clicking.

    1. Hi Dianne, thanks for following me. (: She did get down safely! With the help of her mummy.. Haha. She was just clinging to the tree meowing for help.
      Yeah! I had to lean on Gareth so I didn't fall over from dizziness and such, haha. It was amazing.

      Thank you, hope yours goes well too!

  6. Came to say Hi from Darlin's blog site. Great photos, have a great week.


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