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Sunday, 9 September 2012


Hey guys! 

How are we all today? I'm doing pretty good, had another days work, but that's all done now, so I decided to update my blog. Me and Gareth decided to go for a drive to the shop earlier, as we needed some things, and we had a few hours spare between shifts, so we drove to the nearest village - which is about 15 miles away. So along the way, I was watching out the window, and he was at points too (whilst concentrating on the road of course) and we spotted some wildlife on the way there, then on the way back, we spotted more wildlife when we stopped by one of the coasts. (: And some more when we got back too! So we had a very wildlife day - but I won't tell you what we saw just yet, because you are going to find out via photo's that I have to add to this post. (: So here they are.

 Okay, number one on the list is a couple of wild seals! If I'm right, I may be wrong on all three counts, but I do think the one in the water is a common seal, and the one on the rock is a grey seal, and a young one at that! Either way - there are grey and common seals here (: 

Then another shot of the baby seal. (: 

Then a shot I took later on in the day of another grey seal just having a swim round in the sea. 

Number two on the list was this very cute otter! Apparently the otters are very hard to find because they spend the majority of their time in the water, so me and Gareth were pretty lucky seeing this guy during his lunch break. ;-) 

Number three on the list is this amazing bottlenose dolphin! This photo isn't really the best shot because we were on the beach, and the dolphin was quite far out in the sea, so I had to make use of the camera lens I had, so I concluded I need to get a bigger one! But you can see him anyway, so it did its job! I was stood on the beach saying to Gareth "Wouldn't it be amazing if we could finish the day seeing a dolphin or two." To which he replied, "What... Like that one out there?" So I obviously got the camera out to get a photo. I was lucky too, cause after I took this shot they vanished. 

 Number four is a wild Gareth! Haha. He was exploring the area while I was scanning for dolphins again, and he discovered a few little interesting puddles of water and such. (: 

And number five, I'm sure you guys are probably getting fed up of all my deer photo's, but they are right outside my front door, so I'm using what time I have to get shots of them. And they are just coming into rut too, so expect more photo's! (: This guy is absolutely stunning. 

I absolutely adore his antlers, they are so amazing! 

That's me all talked out anyway, I need to get some sleep for another busy day at work tomorrow, so I will upload another blog soon, I promise, and I hope you all have an amazing week!

Dormy Saz


  1. Saz I love your shots, the seal is adorable, dolphins are difficult to capture (I learned this in Australia) and your deer look quite a bit different than our deer here. Great shots, I love seeing wildlife I've not yet seen and the seal is one of them!

    I laughed when you said Gareth is like wildlife, aren't most men at times? Unpredictable and only show up when they feel like it! LOL I'm kidding naturally!


    1. It was the first time I'd seen seals in the wild, and otters, so I was quite happy when we found them, haha.
      And yeah, there's a lot of different types of deer, I'd love to see some other types, these ones are red deer.

      Haha, I totally agree with you! They are definitely like wildlife - although I'm sure they think the same about us women.

  2. Wow Saz - great shots ! I didn't know you had all that wildlife up there - no, I'm not talking about Gareth ;>)

    By the way, not sure if you knew this or not, but men have feelings too - like, we feel hungry a lot of the time ;>)

    1. Thank you Rick! And haha, I do love all the wildlife here! There's some golden eagles somewhere, but I've yet to find them.

      Don't worry! I ensure Gareth gets food three times a day. It's fine. ;-)


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