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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Lazy Day

Me and Gareth have decided to have a lazy day today, since we can't really be bothered to do much of anything. I tidied our room a bit, and now we're just relaxing. I managed to find a few of other photo's that I took in the last few months to show you guys too! 

Oh, and today is pyjama day. Haha. 

A pretty flower I photographed at my previous centre.

And a very gorgeous kestrel. I intend on getting this photo put onto a canvas to put in my room.

Cody's cute little cheeky grin.

Cuddles with my favourite nephew in the world. 

And he's found his tongue, haha.

Gareth's a massive kayaking fan, so he does it as much as possible. This shot is him having a play in a river in Wales. I paddled down this river too, but the second time I was the photographer. (: 

And Cody with his new hat that I bought him - He absolutely adores it too. (: 

Cody's getting so big now! He's walking around now, so mums got to be so careful with what she leaves laying around, haha. Terror on two legs. I have yet to get a photo though, as I don't live at home as such now, so I rarely see everyone. It's sad. but at the same time I'm living my life to the fullest, so I'm having so much fun. (:

Dormy Saz


  1. We all need lazy pj days every now and again Saz and I'm glad you took one and are catching us up here.

    Cody sure is growing, he's such a sweetie!

    I totally love your Kestrel photo, for sure blow that one up and frame it!

    And kayaking? You're one brave young lady! Mind you I might just join you if I were there! lol


    1. Yeah we do! It's always a much needed thing. Especially if the weather is really cold and horrible outside.

      Yeah, he's a right little terror, with some good cheek to him, haha. Bless his heart.

      Haha, I was always interested in doing it, but never could. And Gareth's been doing it for a while now, so he's been teaching me gradually. (:


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