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Saturday, 22 September 2012


Hey guys,

Firstly I'd love to say a big hi to my new followers! Thanks so much for coming to take a look at my blog, and thank you Darlin for sending them my way. I really do appreciate it! 

Today, me and Gareth decided to go for a drive to the village because we needed to pick up some things, and we decided to have a couple of stops on the way back too, so I managed to get a couple of photo's. It was a lovely day here, so we figured we may as well make use of the day. 

While in the village we picked up some essentials, as well as being naughty and getting some maltesers.. But it had to be done!

Here's something you don't see at all in Britain really.. Swans on the sea! It was so fun sitting and watching them bobbing up and down on the water. (: 

This isn't the best photo in the world considering the lighting and such, but this is a common buzzard that we saw on our drive back from the village. It was so amazing just seeing a wild buzzard flying about in the mountains. (: 

 Then a very pretty sky leading into the sunset. (: It all looks so gorgeous out here.

We also had a moment when we were sat in the car eating some lunch, pulled in to a little car park that overlooked the beach, when a gorgeous old Labrador came wandering over to the car and peered in through my window, it was so adorable! I would have got a photo - but unfortunately the owner wasn't happy that he was by our car, so I thought I'd better just leave it. Didn't want to upset the owner more by taking photo's of his dog. It was very sweet though!

Thanks again to all my new followers, and to Darlin for leading them here! I will put another post up very soon. (: 

Dormy Saz


  1. Swans on the sea are quite common dowunder in Australia - only difference is, ours are BLACK!! And maltesers are a sadly essential fact of life down here too ...

    Red Nomad OZ
    Amazing Australian Adventures

    1. I love black swans! I used to remember when I first got back to England (Lived in Australia for 5 years when I was younger with my parents) about them, and people would be like 'There's no such things as black swans...' I would tell them there was and they would decide I was lying, haha. I proved them wrong one day though!

      Maltesers and just needed everywhere I think. (:

  2. Saz sounds like an enjoyable day. The first time I'd ever seen a black swan was in Australia, it was beautiful... I can relate to the excitement of seeing and experiencing new and different things.

    The maltesers I must say I've never tried, they sound like something I'd best stay away from though! lol

    Have a fantastic week, take care and I hope you're feeling a wee bit better... sounds like you are. :-)


    1. It was such a great day, and I do love black swans, they are amazing. (:

      Maltesers are so addictive! Probably a good idea to stay away from them, haha!

      Thank you loads, I am feeling a bit better now. (:


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