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Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Me and Gareth decided to explore the island today, as we had the day off, so we went for a drive, and ended up going around the entire island, with a few stops here and there, to get some photo's and have a sit down or wander. The island is absolutely gorgeous, and I got a couple of photo's to share with you guys!

Here's a shot of a couple of the mountains on the east coast of the island. 

A baby seagull that basically sat there watching us and chirping the entire time we were eating pie and chips, haha.

Gareth wasn't amused.

A gorgeous sparrow. (: 

And a very pretty horse we saw while driving around the island. Gareth very nicely pulled over so I could get some photos - he knows what I'm like now, haha. 

Today was definitely a good day, and it was so much fun! Bring on tomorrow! (: 

Dormy Saz

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