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Saturday, 29 September 2012


Hey guys,

I have a load of photo's to show you today, that were taken in the last couple of days. Today me and Gareth decided to have a chill out day, but yesterday we went out and the day before I was sat on the windowsill taking photo's of the deer outside the window. They are so interesting at the moment where they are in rut, haha. 

 So while I was photographing the deer I managed to get these two shots. Mummy and her baby where happily grazing on the grass, minding their own business.

And this guy was showing all the other stags in the area that these females where his. 

Now, like I said earlier, me and Gareth decided to go for a drive yesterday and I managed to snap some shots while we were at it. (: 

The mountains looked so gorgeous in the clouds, that I had to ask Gareth to stop for me to get a shot of them. 

We then got a bit further and spotted this rainbow, so he stopped again for me to get a shot of it going into the sea. 

Then a bit further down he had to stop again because we spotted these seals just relaxing in the sea. 

There was five of them in total, just relaxing in this one spot. 

We finally got to our location, and Gareth parked up so we could do a bit of shopping, and I looked out my window to see this lovely chap, and couldn't resist getting a shot of him. 

Then driving back he had to do some stopping again because I spotted this gorgeous waterfall coming down the mountain. 

Bless him for always having to stop for my photography. I really do appreciate his patients. 

See you again soon guys, and have a great week! 

Dormy Saz


  1. Haha, you KNEW everyone would click on 'read more' after that crack about the deer being interesting ...

    Sounds like you spent more time taking pix than actually travelling - which to me is the sign of a perfect trip!!

    LOVE the rainbow!!

    1. Haha, of course I did! I'm still hoping to get a shot of two males fighting for the females in true rut style.

      And yeah, I definitely did, haha. It was so much fun!

      Thank you! (:

  2. Saz the stops are what make the drive interesting, and you sure found tons of interesting things to take photos of. You know he loves you when... lol

    I love the shot of the dog in the front seat, that's his car and nobody is going to tell him/her any different!

    Excellent to hear that you're out and about exploring and taking everything in, makes me want to pack up my suitcases and head for the airport again. :-)

    Have a wonderful Sunday. Cheers.

    1. Yep, haha. That's what I thought too!

      Yeah it is. It genuinely looks like he/she is about to drive off in it!

      I'd love to go explore more of the world and get photo's to be honest! One day perhaps. (:


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