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Monday, 3 September 2012

I'm back!

Hey everyone. I am back on my blog again! I'm so sorry that I just vanished on you guys, but the place I went to work had this website blocked so I couldn't get online to do any sort of updates sadly! 

But the good news is, I got a contract extension, and I'm now on the Isle of Arran - off the coast of Scotland, and it is absolutely gorgeous here. I'm already loving it! I have a couple of photo's, as well as other photo's I need to share that I have taken in the last few months that I haven't been able to get online to share with you guys! 

This is my Scottish friends three baby's. You have on the left is Tess, middle is Troy and right is Molly. (: 

Troy having a run around and loving it. (: 

Then staring at me wondering what I'm doing.

Tess doing some agility! (:

The beautiful sunset we saw in Lanark, Scotland.

The red deer that are in a field and wander around the Isle of Arran, where we are situated, right outside our window. 

 This is my partners nan's dog Jen. She's so adorable. (: 

Me and Gareth at the end of season party for Barton Hall. I love this photo of us. (: <3 

So now I've kind of started back up on the blog again, I've really missed you guys, but thankfully I'll be able to update more often now, and expect a lot of photo's from the Isle of Arran, because you'll definitely get a lot! (: 

Love you all loads, and I'm glad to be back! 

Dormy Saz


  1. Hi Saz - welcome BACK ! Yes, it does seem like ages ago since we last heard from you. But it looks like you've really gotten on with your life !

    Nice doggie photos (they all look like they're glad you're back too in that 1st photo ;>)

    Gorgeous sunset (coincidentally, I live just outside Lanark County here in Canada). Great shot of you and Gareth.

    Look forward to seeing more of the Isle of Arran.

    Have a great week !

    1. Hiya Rick! It's been a good few months! Crazy stuff, but yeah, I am really getting on with life. (:

      Haha, they were definitely happy to see me. And my camera, leisurely following them.

      Wow, that's pretty awesome. (: Thanks very much!

      Looking forward to catching up with you! (:

  2. It's so good to see you're back Saz! Welcome back. What type of work are you doing? I also love the photo of you and Gareth, you two look fantastic together!

    The dogs are beautiful, as is the sunset in Scotland. I've always wanted to go to Scotland... who knows, I just may end up going there yet.

    I'm looking forward to hearing more of your adventures.


    1. I'm glad to be back! (: I'm a general assistant, so I'm going housekeeping as well as helping out in the kitchen. And thank you! We've been together nearly 11 months now! Time has flown by.

      Scotland is so beautiful! You definitely should try and get here. (:


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