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Monday, 30 May 2011


This post is completely unrelated to my 365 day challenge. I just feel like showing my niece and nephew off. So that is exactly what I'm going to do! Haha. Pre-Warning. There will be a few photo's! 

So, first a few of my niece. She is called Lily Mae Rose Blanchard-Evans. (My brother and his fiancé aren't married as of yet.) She is nearly 7 months old (13th of June she'll be exactly 7 months). 

 P.S. She loves Quack Quack. (Her little duck)

My nephew. Cody Reece Evans. He is 3 months old. (: 

 My favourite one of him!

And a couple of both of them. (: 


  1. Saz these are adorable photos. Your niece has beautiful blue eyes, she's a real little sweetheart as is your nephew. The smiles on the babies faces brought a smile to mine, thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.

    I think that this is 100% related to your blog, it's your blog and you can post whatever you want to and whenever you want! :-) Have a wonderful day my friend. Cheers!

  2. Thank you Darlin! I know right! I love her eyes so very much! I'm glad they brought a smile to your face. (:

    Yeah, haha. I just meant it wasn't related to the 365 day challenge. But I shall be sure to post more photo's of them up as I get them! (:


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