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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Day 69, May 2011

Day 69, 28th May 2011

Little Pot.. No longer needed

Technically. I still need it to water my flowers, but my poor flower pot/watering can is all alone and missing the flowers that were in it before! Unfortunately, they grew, and needed re-potting. Here's a photo of them when they were happily in the little watering can pot, and then in their new pot. 

Dormy Saz


  1. Well, little flowers, like little people, grow up and need a bigger pot ;-)

    Enjoy your weekend Saz !

  2. I love the concept of planing in the watering can, that's so cool! Your plant is thriving, it looks good in its new pot as well.

    Have a great day... evening! :-)

  3. Rick ~ I dunno about that, I'm little and I've yet to grow enough to need a new pot. ;)
    Enjoy yours too! Even though it's now Monday, haha.

    Darlin ~ Ahh, I know!! Mum and dad bought me it from homebase and I was like "ahh its in a watering can!!! :D" haha. There was a small pot it was in, then the watering can, but it was lovely! Thank you (: I'm well happy it hasn't died.

    Have a great week! (:


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