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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Day 52, May 2011

Day 52, 11th May 2011

Bath time

So me & my mum decided that Cody, my nephew, needed a bath so I decided to give it a go. It was the first time I'd ever given him, so I was quite happy with how confident & well I did it. He wasn't very happy, but he had a headache so it helped. He's been asleep since. (: I just set my tripod up & hoped for the best with the timer. 

Dormy Saz.


  1. It looks like your nephew is quite content. Good job with setting the timer Saz, you got the right moment!

  2. Hi Saz - I'm busy catchin' up - just finished looking at all your shots that I missed. Hey - you as a theme - at least you don't have to convince anyone ;-)

    Great shots you've taken of you, your dad, and nephew. Congrats on passing that driving theory too ! Will you be getting behind the wheel soon ? If so, watch out for people on the sidewalk ! (just kidding ... ;-)

    I hope you're doing a little better these days - your nephew looks like he could make your day !! Have a great Thursday.

  3. Darlin - thanks! He wasn't content for the whole bath, haha. He got a bit wingy at the end but he was fine. Thank you! (:

    Rick - Hey, haha, lots to catch up on then. Haha, well this is true ;)

    Thank you!! I've already had loads of lessons, my driving instructor says I only need another couple of lessons and I'll be ready for my practical test. (: haha, never mind the people, it's the curb I keep aiming for! Lmao.

    I'm better then I was. Still feeling a bit low but I'm sure I can handle it. Things are just a big mess at the moment, lol. He always makes my day, your right there! (: you have a great Thursday too!


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