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Friday, 20 May 2011

Day 61, May 2011

Day 61, 20th May 2011

Today's photo, I decided to go with the most amazing piece of equipment in the house ever. Without it I would not be able to have a cup of tea. Or a cup of hot chocolate, when it takes my fancy. So therefore, I love them! 

Dormy Saz


  1. Dare to be different is the first though that came to my mind with this photo. That first cup looks like the leader, bold, courageous and different! lol Nice shot Saz, I see your depth of field is coming along nicely!

    I hope you had a fantastic day and that your evening is wonderful! Cheers!

  2. oops I really should proof read before I click Post! lol I meant to say the first thought! I'm sure you get what I mean, you're a brilliant young lady! ;-)

  3. Oh, never thought about that side of things Darlin! Haha. Thank you loads! (: Hope you have a fantastic day too! (:

  4. I agree with Darlene - very nice dof choice, and b&w works here too - makes those hooks stand out nicely !

  5. Thank you Rick! (:

    Glad to hear I'm improving, haha. Makes it all the more worthwhile.


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