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Friday, 27 May 2011

Day 68, May 2011

Day 68, 27th May 2011

Mr Bug: Om Nom!

This is a leaf on my kalanchoe flower. Not sure if it was a bug that bit this part off, but I assume it was, because otherwise, it would still be there. Haha.

Dormy Saz


  1. Whoa - I thought it was a gold bar with a chip out of it ! Likely worth a few hundred quid !

    Nice framing !

  2. Yup, it sure looks like something was hungry! lol I also thought this was something metal, bronze or something other than a plant when I first spotted the photo... a very nice photo at that!

  3. Rick ~ haha! Oh I wish it was! I'd be cashing it in for some money! I need it right now.
    Thank you!!

    Darlin ~ well, my plant sure is very deceiving, tricking Rick and you. ;)
    Thank youu!


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