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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Day 60, May 2011

Day 60, 19th May 2011

Sometimes, the simple things are the best. 

So, see if you can guess which is me. It's pretty easy really, haha. I miss my hair when it was like that. Shame I had to cut it off. I love this portrait of my family. <3  This was taken such a long time ago (or so it feels.) 

P.S. Yes. My brother was that white when he was a kid. And he was about 12(ish) here, me and my sister were about 10. And my dad no longer has the tash. :P 

Dormy Saz


  1. Geez, that's a pretty tough call, Saz ! ;-)

    Sometimes, simple things like having a family are definitely the best ! Don't know if you've read 'Death of a Salesman' yet, but I always remember the line "Home is the place that when you have to go there, they have to take you in."

    Nice shot, Saz - happy memories !

  2. Saz this is a wonderful family photo, one to cherish for years to come. Enjoy your weekend! Oh I still didn't resend you that link, sorry if I don't do it sometime this weekend please fire me off an email to remind me k?

  3. Rick ~ Haha, I know! I mean, I totally look soo different. ;) And yeah, definitely. Haven't even heard of that book. :S Will have to take a look! And lmao, I do love that quote! My mum is always saying "Who gave you permission to come home?" :P To which I lovingly reply "I did. (: " Haha.

    Thank you loads!

    Darlin ~ Thank you so much! (: It was taken 9 years ago.. Scary stuff :S Haha. And yep, will do. (:


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