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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Day 66, May 2011

Day 66, 25th May 2011

Right so, got the powder for the baby milk.. Just need the water, then the warmth.. && the baby will be happy! 

We feed Cody on SMA milk, & he loves it, but we always have the powder ready measured for him! Otherwise, he gets extremely annoyed because he has to wait longer, haha.

May I also add, I'm incredibly proud of myself. The amount of people that told me I would probably give up after about 20 days of this challenge, because it is so immense, & I've managed to prove them wrong & stuck through so far! It's loads of fun. (: It's only immense if you make it immense, IMO. I think it's great fun, & a fantastic way of improving your photography. 

Dormy Saz


  1. Very interesting shot. Good contrast shadow and light. Well done for all of your hard work and creativity so far, Saz.
    And no doubts that not only will you stick with it, you'll finish it and have a fabulous series of fascinating photos to show for it.
    You're getting better and better.

  2. Like this black and white look....and all the lines (and curves). Very nice Saz. You have a talent in creativeness!

  3. Yah! I'm so glad your sticking to your photo a day and not giving up. I totally agree with you that taking a picture (or 20) a day improves photography skills. I found that I've started viewing the world different than I did before I started to take a photo a day, I now see much more beauty in my world.

    Great choice for b&w as Dawn mentioned and that's a fantastic idea to pre-measure the baby food... less crying to listen to! Cheers.

  4. Isaac ~ Thank you Isaac! I'm glad that I am improving. (:

    Dawn ~ Thanks! (:

    Darlin ~ Yeah, definitely, I took loads today (of my nephew. ;) ) and they are all gorgeous! And yeah, I'm always looking for something to photograph. And yeah! Definitely less crying. Haha.

  5. Amazing what perspective can do to an image - due to my (really) slow internet, only the lid showed at first - and I would never have guessed it was the top of a formula cup - looked more like a lid to a seat in the loo ;-)

    Keep it up Saz - we're cheering for ya !

  6. Haha! Oh dear, the baby powder now goes in the loo then. ;) haha, I hope you get your speed problem sorted!

    Thank youu! :D


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