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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Day 40, April 2011

Day 40, 29th April 2011

Today I went for a photo of my friends youngest Australian Shepherd. His name is Woody & he is a little sweetheart. He loves the camera, so he let me take this photo, he then walked off, so there you go. How lucky am I? Haha.

Dormy Saz.


  1. Very nice dog Saz. I would have cropped this photo but that's me. I was trying to see what the person was having for dinner which distracted my eye from the subject. lol

  2. What a gorgeous dog (we used to have a border collie - looked similar but without the tan colour). Love the eyes !

    To Darlene's point, here's a shot where you could use a larger aperture for shallower dof - keep the dog in focus and blur out the background.

  3. Haha, thanks guys for the tips! I'll bear them in mind for next time. (:

  4. Love that expression... priceless! =)


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