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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Day 63, May 2011

Day 63, 22nd May 2011

Typical Teenage Organisational Skills.

How organised am I really? Haha. This is my little pile of mess. I have other little piles of mess too. This is just the main one. Not too bad, but it's a bugger when I'm trying to find something, haha.

Dormy Saz


  1. Oh I can SO relate ! I'm a visual kind of person so I need my little 'piles of mess' all around me. Once it's outta sight, it's outta mind - it doesn't exist if I can't see it.

    I noticed the focus on your 'driving theory test' DVD's (?) - subliminal ;-)

  2. Haha! Well exactly! How can anything possibly exist if it isn't there?

    Ohh, I didn't intentionally focus on them! Haha, my mind must have decided that it wanted me to sub-consciously. ;)

  3. Oh I like this looks very familiar:))

  4. Haha, I think we all have an untidy side, aye Dawn. :P

  5. I have one room like this and I can't believe I do! My office has books, papers, all student "stuff" all over, some in piles, some on cork boards, but I know where most everything is when I need it. Oh and then there's the photography treasures, the sewing machine tucked away in the closet because I don't have time for sewing... ya organized confusion! I see you like Harry Potter, I've never read or watched any Harry Potter but who knows, maybe one day time permits I just might have to check it out. Cheers!

  6. Wow! Haha. Yeah I'm the same. :P it's an organised mess!

    And, you've never seen Harry Potter? :o

    I'm like, obssessed with Rupert Grint because of it!


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