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Friday, 27 May 2011

Day 67, May 2011

Day 67, 26th May 2011

"Friends ...."  Friendship necklace, always feel connected. (: 

Sorry I uploaded this late guys.. I just didn't have the time to go on my laptop yesterday, so I'm uploading it today instead! This is half of a friendship necklace I bought for me and my friend Gaby at New Year. It say's "Friends Forever" on it. 

Dormy Saz


  1. This is so sweet Saz. No worries about posting late, life happens and not everyone is as nuts as I am and stays up all night just to get a post in! lol I was going to be in bed tonight by 1pm and here it's almost 3am, I took my time posting tonight and I went through some photos I shot today for another organization... where does the time slip away on us? Enjoy your weekend and I will get that link to you yet. I have a super busy day tomorrow but I'll see if I can find it again k? Nite, have a great day! You're most likely up already and done breakfast and I get to crawl in for a few hours. :-)

  2. Great contrast and dof on this one Saz ! Very nice where you placed the focus ;-)

  3. Darlin ~ Haha! I was going to stay up late to post it, but then I decided I was far too tired so I just went to sleep. I know! Time just flies when your having fun! Well done on keeping to your set time :P enjoy your sleep!

    Rick ~ thank youu (: I did take a different one, but I accidentally deleted it when I was about to edit it, so I took this one, and it turned out way better then the first one anyway! (:


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