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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sunset Photo

Here's a sunset photo that I took on Friday, but thought I'd save it to put up today. (: 

Dormy Saz


  1. Well I must say that I can see a notorious improvement. on the months you have been taking pictues. Congratulations, and go on. you have alot of amazing pictures.
    P.S I was browsing on your profile and I could not find your email. I think mine is available on my profile. can you mail me pls?

  2. Thank you! So glad to hear that I have been improving. (:

    I don't have my mail up because I don't want random people I don't know emailing me, haha. It's my way of just.. Keeping my mail private. I'll take a look though and mail you when I get a spare minute! At the moment, I'm just making time for uploading and commenting really.

  3. A lovely take on the sun setting. It's hazy and lovely. Don't you love the end of the day!? (Especially when it ends in that much color and loveliness!)

  4. Saz this is beautiful! Great job!

  5. Dawn ~ Thank you! I really do, it's such a lovely ending to a day to see a lovely sunset! With all the gorgeous colours and such.

    Darlin ~ Thank you so much.


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