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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Day 77, June 2011

Day 77, 5th June 2011

I can see you! 

Yes. This is my eye. And I am watching you with it! I love getting macro shots of my eyes. I can't see them myself unless they are in a mirror, so the photo's help me to study them more and appreciate them! That sounds quite corny, but I really don't care, haha. 

P.S. That's not my natural skin colour.. I sepia'd it then made my eye the original colour, just to dull down the colour of my skin a bit.

Dormy Saz


  1. What a cool shot. I LOVE the color of your eyes, it's so pretty!

    Now about yesterday's shot, was it from above you took the photo? ;-)

  2. Thank you Darlin! (:

    And.. I think so, I can't remember. But I believe it was! Haha. ;)

  3. Very nice eye....
    Greetings from France,



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