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Friday, 3 June 2011

Day 75, June 2011

Day 75, 3rd June 2011

Can you guess what this photo is of? I'll tell you the answer in tomorrows post. I decided to make today's post a bit more interesting.

Dormy Saz


  1. Well - it's either something made out of concrete (a wall or edge of a sidewalk ?) or it's a slice of some kind of cake (?) Now there's 2 extremes for ya !

    I've gone through your recent posts and especially like your experimentation with macros ! The rose-in-the-rain shot was my favourite, but you did a very nice job on the others, auntie Saz !

    Enjoy your weekend !

  2. It looks like brick with mortar in between... if that's what it's called. That's my final guess! lol Rick you can try to take a bite and let me know how that works for you k? ;-)

    Have a wonderful weekend Saz! Cheers.

  3. Rick ~ Thank you! I'm glad you like them! I must admit, out of my macro shots, the rose is my favourite too! (: Hehe. I love being Auntie Saz!! Lily, my niece, was fascinated with me all day! (Not to mention she wanted my camera, haha.) Enjoy your weekend too!

    Darlin ~ Haha, thank you! (: Have a great weekend!!

    I shall reveal the answer in today's post. ;)


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