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Friday, 10 June 2011

Day 82, June 2011

Day 82, 10th June 2011

Today's POD. I made it nice and difficult today. (: Just because the last couple of days have been easy. Haha. 

Yesterday's POD, no-one commented on. So.. I'm just going to have to put the answer up anyway.

It was a rug we have in our lounge! (: 

Also, do you guys think I should leave my name on my photo's as just "Sarah Evans ©" or start putting "Dormy Saz ©" instead? 

Dormy Saz


  1. Saz this is weird, I was watching for your posts up until last night and nothing was showing up until today, they may have showed up last night but like I mentioned I wasn't on the net last night. I wonder now what's going on.

    The feather post is a fantastic photo, I wouldn't have guessed a feather at all. I may have guessed either a ribbed fabric or a tire tread or something weird like that! lol Now off to check your rug photo to see if I would have guessed that one.

    I sure wonder why all of your posts showed up all at once... did you post them all together or were they late posts by chance?

  2. How strange. I posted them all on the correct days. None of them were posted late.. Maybe blogger is just playing up and wasn't showing my posts or something?

    Also, no one seemed to get my feather photo right though, haha. I did well with it! (:

  3. This is odd, all three posts showed up on my dashboard at the same time. I was going to email you when I didn't see a post for a few days, that's out of character for you. I'm glad all is well in your world and your posts are now showing up. Take care... I'm off to view your latest post.

  4. How odd. Ah well, at least they are now. (:


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