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Monday, 13 June 2011

Day 85, June 2011

Day 85, 13th June 2011 
So, this weeks theme is Photo's of Photo's. (: Or.. Photo's for short. And today I decided to take a photo of a photo that my mum has in her room of her and my nephew. Nana and grandson together. <3 

And the answer to yesterday's POD. Unfortunately Darlin, you were wrong. 
It was. A bedroom lamp! 

Dormy Saz


  1. LOL good one! You had me wondering but now I know. That was a fun week even if somehow I didn't get to guess all your photos, I'm blaming blogger! I like that photo of your mum and nephew, that's so sweet.

    I might not be reading posts for a while, I'm supposed to be going on a trip tomorrow, I'm off to blog about that right now. If I don't get time to read blogs I'll be home in 11 days, I'll still try to make the time to post if I get to Colorado! Take care and if you want to email me please feel free to do so, I'll still be checking my emails daily. Take care!

  2. Haha, thank you. Yes, it is all bloggers fault! I will re-do the theme at some point. (:

    That's okay, hope you have fun! (:

  3. :-) I'm sneaking in here, I'm up early so what better to do than visit my friend way over in England? I look forward to another week of you driving me mad trying to sort out what your photo is! lol Just kidding, it was fun! Have a wonderful day. Now off to find a photo to post from yesterday.

  4. Hehe, yay! I feel special. (:

    Haha, have fun! (:


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