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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Day 76, June 2011

Day 76, 4th June 2011

Okay so. The answer to yesterday's photo was.. A brick wall! So, Rick, you can eat it if you want, don't think it'll be that appetising though! Haha, you got it near enough, Darlin, you were spot on! Well done! You both get a massive cyber hug! *Cyber hug* Haha. Random.. But ah well.

Anyway, today's photo. I was playing around and decided the T.V. was a good way of getting a photo. And ended up getting a photo of.. Part of the T.V. instead of the whole thing. And may I point out, trying to focus on the button, instead of the reflection in the button, was harder then I thought it would be, haha. (: The question is. Am I pointing at it from above.. Or below? 

Dormy Saz


  1. Thanks for the virtual hug, you made my night! :-) And I'm going to say you're looking from above... I think. Enjoy your Sunday! This is fun guessing what you're posting or part of it like this one.

  2. Any time! I'm glad. (: Haha.. I can't remember which way it was now.. It's hard to tell in the photo. Lmao. I'm glad! I've got my theme ready for next week, and you'll love it. ;)

    Have a good week!


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