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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Day 80, June 2011

Day 80, 8th June 2011

So, today's POD again, a nice simple one, for me anyway.. Haha. I keep saying this, but I am the one taking the photo's, so I really shouldn't. But anyway. Enjoy. (: 

Yesterday's Answer. 
Darlin & Rick, you were both right with the bug bit, but only Rick was right with what it's on. Well done guys! (:
It was. A ladybird on a leaf! (: 

Dormy Saz


  1. NOTE to Darlene: don`t look at my answer ;-)

    Aha - an easy one today (because I have one !). Looking down a billiard table toward one of the pockets ! Sorry - no song to go along with this one Saz, but I like how you tried to disguise it ;-)

  2. Rick it's not that, it's a hammock! lol Saz I'm guessing that you took the photo looking closely from one end of the hammock... maybe.

    Cute ladybug photo Saz! I just might put a guess what this is photo up tonight, I'll see I still have a few hours left in my day. I want something so abstract that Rick can't even guess what it is! lol

  3. Rick ~ Haha, great note. :P

    I have a good song for this picture, but I'll put it in today's post with the answer. ;)

    Darlin ~ Oooh, I hope you do! Would be very enjoyable. I enjoy playing guessing games.. Sometimes, haha. (: Good plan!


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