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Monday, 26 March 2012

Weekend At My Friends

I spent the weekend at my friends and thought I'd share some of the shots I got whilst I was there.

First there are a couple of Holly, her nan's border collie.

Then a couple of shots of flowers.

Then a big balloon. 

Then a photo of my friend. (:

It's been so weird not doing the challenge officially! I still take a photo every day, but I'm just not finding the time to upload them every day, so I'm going to do bulk uploads like this I think from now on. (: 

Dormy Saz


  1. Saz the dog is so cute, love the second shot of him/her.

    The flowers, those are beautiful, so you're already getting flowers there? What's your temperatures been at lately? I think that winter's finally leaving back home, it's going to be almost summer by the time I get back.

    Your friend is very pretty! And your decision to post when time permits, that's cool, at least you're going to continue posting.


  2. Hey Darlin. (: Thanks, I adore Holly, don't really see her much, so I get lots of photo's when I do.

    Yeah, we've been in the 20's degree's wise for the last week or so. (: Not quite as high as some places, but it's hot for here, haha.

    And yes, I want to continue posting as much as possible, otherwise I'll end up missing you guys lots!!

    Thank you. (:

  3. Hi Saz - I have a few days off in between visitors (next ones arrived Wed) so I'm trying to squeeze in my visits...

    Love those shots of Holly ! We had a border collie for almost 12 years - also a beautiful and very smart dog (named Misty). Lovely flowers - nice to have temps in the 20's already (been in the 30's here in Florida - heading back up north in a few weeks ... where it's still 9C :(

    Great balloon shot too ! I gotta get me a ride in one some time so I can get some great shots.

    Have an awesome week. Till next time ...

  4. Heya Rick ~ It's good to hear from you again!

    Border Collie's are such lovely dogs, although I do still favour shelties over them, haha. Thank you very much!! Oh.. Apparently we're meant to get colder weather soon. :(

    Haha, yeah it'd be amazing!


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