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Friday, 16 March 2012

Day 362, March 2012

Day 362, 16th March 2012

Today's POD is of me doing one of my favourite things ever. Laid on the bed, reading a book. I adore reading, and could quite happily just spend forever reading, haha.

Dormy Saz


  1. Saz I also used to love to read, actually I still do... when I don't have to read that is. After 5 years of having to read materials I finally picked up a short novel, if you've never read "The Alchemist" (I think that's how it's spelled) I highly recommend the short read.

    Cheers, enjoy your weekend! Love the shot of you, you look so comfy cozy. :-)

  2. Reading is so lovely. I'm going to get a kindle so I can get books cheaper, and download them on the go. (:

    Ooh, I'll have to check that one out! Haven't read it before. (:


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