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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Day 34, April 2011

Day 34, 23rd April 2011

Today I went with the traditional bunny teddy idea for Easter. Since Easter tends to aim around the Easter bunny for young children. There are loads of these teddies around in the card shops and supermarkets, its unbelievable. 

Dormy Saz


  1. Saz, this is an adorable bunny... if you don't mind a suggestion or what I would have done (even if I had to move the bunny in the store) I would have made the face lighter by positioning my camera differently. Do you try a lot of different angels? What I do is take anywhere from 5-20 (sometimes more) shots of the same thing and then I view them on my computer to see which one worked the best or which one I like best. I NEVER take only one shot, that way I have no choices. Well I shouldn't day never, sometimes that's all you get time for is one shot when something is moving but then I set my camera onto sports mode and hope like heck to capture whatever it is I'm trying to get... sometimes it works, lots of times it doesn't! lol

    Enjoy your day! I hope you don't mind my suggestions, I know when people offer me advice I LOVE it, it's a great way for me to continue to learn. I still have so much to learn about taking pictures myself!

    I also figured out why you weren't showing up on my dashboard, I have to accounts linked with Blogger and I joined your site with a different email that I normally sign in with but that's all fixed up now. That's not bad, only took me two years to figure it out! LOL


  2. Haha thank you for the tip! Unfortunately this is the only photo I could get without the shop keeper getting angry at me. (I'd already taken loads throughout the shop.. Was starting to look like a weirdo or something, haha). So I had to just snap and hope it turned out okay.

    I don't mind the suggestions, like you I love them! They help me to improve. :D But yes, usually I do take loads, then pick one, but with this one I couldn't.

    Haha, ohdear, well I'm glad you figured it out now! :D

  3. LOL that's funny. Some of the things we do for our photos eh? And I'm also glad I figured it out, now I know when you post, I can see it on my dashboard... Yay!

  4. Haha, yeah, of course. It wouldn't be fun otherwise!

    Yay! That's good :D

  5. Catchin' up Saz ...

    I kinda like what you got with this shot - the first thing I see is those pink pads, then the pink nose and then those eyes ! Looks a bit like my dog.

    Well done, under the circumstances !

  6. Yay for catch up time, haha. Thank you so much Rick! Haha, your dog looks like a bunny aye? Lol. :P



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