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Friday, 22 April 2011

Day 33, April 2011

Day 33, 22nd April 2011

They were really calling out to me! 'Buy me!!' .. I didn't have the money though. I never seem to have money. Haha. But yes, they were cute, so I whipped the camera out!

Dormy Saz


  1. Not sure if you intended this effect, but they look all warm and fuzzy ! Great colour contrasts !

    Have a wonderful Easter Saz !

  2. Nope.. Didn't intend on that effect. Haha.

    Thank you! You have a fantastic Easter too! (:

  3. Saz, these are so adorable. The one good thing I find about taking photos is that it saves me a lot of money, I used to buy cute things, now I can have cute things all the time if I just turn on my computer there they are! ;-)

  4. Haha yeah, that is so true Darlin! I should do that more often. Instead of buying, just photographing. Haha. ;)


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