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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Day 17, April 2011

Day 17, 6th April 2011

I quite like today's photo, because it shows the relationship between my sister&her son. I think this photo is good because it shows that she likes to be near him, but she doesn't feel the need to constantly cuddle him or be touching him&such. It just shows her at ease with him sleeping beside her. (: That's just me though, what do you think?

Dormy Saz


  1. Sooo precious! What a beautiful baby! =) Great capture, too!!! =)

  2. Well, not sure I've ever seen a little baby more at ease than your nephew ! What a great shot !

  3. Haha, thank you Rick! He was certainly very happy there. (:

  4. Saz, your nephew's so cute and adorable but your sister best be careful... soon enough your nephew is going to be fighting her for that controller! lol

  5. Haha! Yeah, and then it'll be loads of good fun. :P Haha.


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