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Monday, 4 April 2011

Day 15, April 2011

Week 3 Theme - Relationships

Day 15, 4th April 2011

So, this week I have a brand new theme. As you can see, it is relationships. I'm not talking boyfriend/girlfriend relationships (although they could be included). I just mean relationships in general. My friend gave me the idea, so I'm going to see what I can come up with. The first one is just of my nana and my mum (mother&daughter). They were having a conversation, and I saw my opportunity, so the camera came out. Haha. 

Dormy Saz


  1. I love you new theme, this is going to be interesting to follow! It looks like a pretty intense conversation going on here. Is that your nana sitting in the chair? She doesn't look old enough to be a nana if that's her. :-)

    I'm not getting your posts on my dashboard for some strange reason, I'll investigate this and hope to fix it. If I would have known you've been posting I would have been here sooner to keep in touch... sorry. But I'm here now, good luck getting rid of me! LOL

  2. Yes, should be an interesting theme. This shot makes me wonder what the conversation was about, judging from the expression - nicely captured.

  3. darlin ~ I'm glad you like my new theme idea! Haha - yeah it was a pretty intense one. Nope, the one in the chair is my mum. (:

    How strange. Ah well, I'm glad that your following me now! :D Means more help for improvements, and you get to see all my work. (: Thank you!

    Rick ~ Haha, thank you! They were discussing life, basically. Lmao, it was a pretty intense conversation though.


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