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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Day 30, April 2011

Day 30, 19th April 2011

I decided to go with a photo of my new favourite bear, in his 'Easter' theme. His name is Boofle. Here's his story, for those who don't know.

"Grandad's woolly cardy had seen better days. It was still soft and cosy, but a little bit frayed. There were holes in the elbows, and just one button remained, but, from this, Nanny was sure something else could be made.......So she started to sew on that cold winters night and Boofle was born, much to the childrens delight. Boofle was all that a snugglesome pup should be. Loveable and cuddly and a best friend to you and me. xxx"

Dormy Saz


  1. Ha ha - nice shot of Boofle !! And a great story about his 'birth' !

    Your nanny sounds a lot like my mum - she couldn't just throw out all that wool that could easily be turned into something useful ! When I was young - a few years ago - and I outgrew a knitted sweater, she would unravel it into a ball, add some more wool, and knit me a new one that would fit ! A whole different time !

  2. Saz, I love your Boofle, it's so cute and the story is sweet! I like this photo, you have nice colors to work with and Boofle is definitely the center of attention which you want him to be. Great job!

  3. Rick ~ thank you! Haha, it's not actually my nanny that made boofle, that's just re story in the little tag. Boofle is all over the card shops here, he's quite popular. your nanny sounds really nice! Bless her, I wish I could re-knit some jumpers I've outgrown! Haha. (:

    Darlin ~ Thank you so much! Boofle is my nee obsession haha, I want to get a collection of him. As well as a collection of bambi stuff.. Lmao. As far as I know, boofles stuff is made from 100% recycled objects. (:

  4. Nee is meant to say new.. Silly IPod, haha.

    Oh & re is meant to say the.

    Haha, fail moment I had there. But then, in my defence, it was early.


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