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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 309, January 2012

Day 309, 23rd January 2012

Today's post is late because I had a spur of the moment sleepover at my best friends house. She's been feeling a bit down lately, so me and her fiancĂ© decided to do a surprise sleepover for her, after seeing each other in town, and she loved it! We managed to surprise her well and truly, and cheer her up! (: 

As you can probably tell by this shot, the theme this week is Disney. 

Dormy Saz


  1. That's so kind of you Saz to go and spend some time with a friend who is feeling down.

    Great theme for this week, now I get it what you meant by Cody's Mickey Mouse outfit fitting into your theme! I'm working my way backwards and seeing how many blogs I can catch up on before I fall asleep at my computer tonight! lol I'd best call it a night or I'll wake up with keyboard imprints on my face.

  2. And that's what friends are for - very 'friendly' of you, Saz !

    I'd better go visit Darlene soon too - looks like she's landed down under !

  3. Darlin ~ Yeah, it really did cheer her up. (: And yeah, haha! I love all things Disney, so had to go with it as a theme. (:
    Ahh, I bet the jet lag is really getting at you!

    Rick ~ Thank you! (: And yeah, looks like she has!


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