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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Day 307, January 2012

Day 307, 21st January 2012

Today I went to a children's farm with my brother, mum, niece and nephew. And the animals were absolutely adorable! But I must say I did absolutely love this little guinea pig! <3 

Dormy Saz


  1. That's a great shot, Saz - great colour and clarity ! Ha ha - loved that shot of Cody in the box. Seems kids have a lot more fun with a box than what came in it.

    Oh - and great to see you've learned ABC too ;-) I'm now the default photog at family gatherings.

    Enjoy your weekend !

  2. Thank you Rick! (:
    Haha Cody sat in the box for about 20 minutes quite happily. He absolutely loved it.

    Woo! Haha, I'm pretty much same. If there's an outing or something I'm always asked if I have my camera, which I always do anyway, so!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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