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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sunset Sunday

I took this photo yesterday. I decided to treat my mum and dad to Chinese, as it was their wedding anniversary yesterday, and upon leaving I was met with this lovely scene! So of course, out came the camera, and voilĂ ! ;-)

If you like sunset photo's then check out my friend Scotts page, he does some amazing sunset shots! 

Dormy Saz


  1. This is great Saz. Love the color and the texture. The smooth of the buildings contrasts and reflects. Great shot.

  2. Ah Saz - I can see you're getting hooked on Sunset Sunday too (thank Scott for that !). I agree totally with him - this is beautiful, and a great reason to ABC !!

    Have a super week !

  3. Scott ~ Thank you so much. (:

    Rick ~ Haha, yep! All thanks to Scott! Sunset shots are the best, and yes! Haha. Thank you. I said to my mum afterwards 'I'm so glad I had my camera!'

    You have a great week!

    Isaac ~ Thank youu! (:

  4. Love the feeling in this one. Breathtaking.


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