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Friday, 23 September 2011

Day 187, September 2011

Day 187, 23rd September 2011

Today I'm not sure if I like how I edited this photo, but oh well.. I'll post the original too. (: 

Oh and just to add onto this guys. As of tomorrow, I am taking the plunge!! :D My mum is subscribed with littlewoods, so I decided I was going for it, and tomorrow, mum is going to phone up for me (I'm at work all day, so can't) and order the Canon EOS 1100D camera with 18-55mm lens and a half prize 4GB memory card. Then ordering a 75-300mm lens on top of that. And then mum and dad are paying for a canon bag in exchange for my old camera! (: 

I'm paying £5.10 a week for 156 weeks for the camera+18-55mm lens. (No idea the price of the memory card yet.. I'll let you know tomorrow, haha.) Then I'm paying £3.65 a week over 156 weeks for the 75-300mm lens on top of that.  It's not too bad when paying weekly like that, but the overall price is massive!

But, I've wanted to get one for ages now, like.. Years, so I decided to go for it. I've been told that it is a good model too. But I like the looks and sounds of it, so I went with it. (:

Dormy Saz


  1. Awesome news, you're taking the plunge and going all pro on us now! ;-) I did the same thing, I started out with my P&S, then moved up in class to another P&S, twice I did that if memory serves me correctly, then I realized that I had become so passionate about photography it seemed the natural thing to do to upgrade to a DSLR. Guaranteed you won't regret this!

    Love the photo of you and the heart you've got happening there. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Hehe. ;) My mum was commenting about how expensive my hobby was, but.. I'm willing to pay it. Haha.

    Thank you, hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! (:

  3. Well, congrats Saz !!! You'll never regret your decision. I used to have a 35mm film SLR (yep, waaay back in the dark ages) and started in digital with a Sony P&S, which actually produced some fairly good images. But I've already worn out the shutter on my DSLR (Canon Rebel XS) after 100K photos in 2-1/2 years ! When I hit the next 100K mark and wear out another shutter I'm going to upgrade the camera - once you're hooked, watch out wallet ;-)

    I think you did a great job editing your photo, and I enjoyed browsing through your latest series - looks like you're having too much fun with your photography (hmmm, a career decision coming up ?).

    Have a great week !

  4. Rick ~ Haha, so I've heard. ;) My friend is currently thinking of replacing her Nikon with a Canon.

    Thank you, I'm glad you liked the editing! (: Yep, photography is good fun! I'm thinking of looking into doing wedding/pet/portrait photography later, once I'm a bit more used to my new camera. (: Just as a side job sort of thing!

    Have a great week too!


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