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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Heya guys

Heya guys,

So sorry I haven't been uploading!! I've been so busy with my other pages that I just don't seem to get the time anymore!

 I'm heading off for PGL again now, which means I'm heading off to North Devon to do work again. (: It's going to be loads of fun and I really can't wait to get there!

 Also, if you guys want to see more of my photo's then go take a look at my other page Dormy's Dream Photography  - I won't be uploading any for a little while, because I need to update my flickr account to a professional one when I have the money, then I can add more. (:

Here's a photo from my page:

Slow Pace.

Speak to you soon, 

Dormy Saz

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