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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Too Long!

Hey guys!!

It's been far far far too long since my last update and I well and truly apologise for that! As it stands, it's midnight, and I'm staying up to bring you this update because I feel bad it's been so long.

How was everyone's Christmas and New Year? Mine was fantastic! It was such good fun. I have had quite a few sad moments though, for quite personal reasons that I'm not going to bore you with.. So onto the better things. I have a load of photo's to share, that I took in St Ives, in Cornwall, over Christmas, and I thought I'd share them with you!

Just a quick warning.. There are quite a few.

Boat Graveyard.. I call it this, because it's exactly what it looks like!
Boat Graveyard

Waves Crashing Against The Shore. I love the sound of waves as they come crashing at the shore, and watching them was amazing too. 
Waves Crashing Onto The Shore

Sand Patterns. The pattern of sand is amazing, and it can alternate so quickly. 
Sand Patterns

Tide Coming In. Got this while we were on a walk. The tide couldn't decide whether to be in or out.
Tides In

Pretty Bird. I have no idea what bird this is, so if you know, please tell me! 

Father and Son. I saw these two on the beach and couldn't resist. I mean, with the sand as it is, it couldn't have been made a better shot. 
Father And Son

A Man and his Dog. Again, what better shot? I love watching owners with their dogs on the beach. 
One Man And His Dog

Paw prints in the sand. Kind of like in your heart, but on the beach instead.. And in the sand. 
Paw Prints In The Sand

Woody posing on the beach. My friends gorgeous Australian Shepherd. 

Monty also posing on the beach. My friends other gorgeous Australian Shepherd.

Monty was having a good old run around, chasing non existent stones.
Running On The Beach

Sitting together in front of some lovely rocks. Not that Monty was paying attention.
Sitting Together

Laying together. I adore this photo so much. You can so tell they are brothers.
Laying Together

And a pretty carnation, just cause it was there, and carnations are my all time favourite flowers.

On another note, I'll be 21 next month! Geez, time certainly flies. And my best friend has big plans already.. Haha. 

That's all for night, love you all loads! 

Dormy Saz


  1. Saz you've sure come a long way since you first started taking photos. My heart melted when I looked at how good the photos are of the dogs, probably because they're such beautiful dogs, but most importantly the way they're photographed draws emotion, as do the photos of the father and son.... well done my friend!

    Christmas here was great; I had an awesome time with my children and granddaughter and way too much food! New Years eve was all right, nothing too crazy, but all right. Did you do anything for New Years eve?

    I wish you a very blessed New Year, I hope this year brings you tons of love, joy and happiness.

    1. Thank you very much! I'm so happy with how my photography is coming along too. (:

      That's great to hear! And New Years Eve I was in St Ives, dressed as a member of Abba, celebrating, cause in St Ives, absolutely everybody dresses in fancy dress for the New Year, haha. It was loads of fun! Sadly I have no photo's due to not wanting to lose my camera.

      A very happy new year to you too. Hope you have a brilliant year.


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