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Monday, 29 October 2012

I am alive...Just about!

Hello guys,

Sorry so much for the definitely late update, I need to get back into the swing of updating regularly, but I just don't seem to get the time. :-(  I have been getting plenty of photo's though, and I have a load to share with you!! 

Me and Gareth went to a ski show, and I managed to get a shot of this beautiful husky that gets used for sledding out in the alps. (: 

The kitten was playing again, and got into a tree, then very cleverly managed to get back out again all on her own. 

Now with these two, I couldn't decide if I preferred the colour or the black and white, so I want you guys to tell me which one you prefer. (-: I did both since I couldn't decide.

And I finally got a few shots of the stags fighting!! It was quite impressive to watch to be honest.

One of them very wisely forfeited though - and ran off with the other one right behind him, chasing him off.

A couple of shots of me and Gareth. (: 

Ahh, we are such loons.

Then here's a shot of me holding a Russian Steppe Eagle. There was this guy or a cute little whitefaced scops owl. And I so wanted to hold one. So Gareth was like 'I want to see you try to hold the eagle to be honest.' So, me being me, I accepted the challenge.

It was such an experience! 

Sorry again for the late update. I've either been too busy with work - or run down with stress and sickness, so just haven't got round to it, but I have now! And I hope you all enjoy the photo's. (:

Dormy Saz


  1. Hi Saz - oh I completely understand trying to find time to blog and visit and ... Thanks for popping by.

    I like that first shot of the cat - a great expression on its face ! Of the other two, they're both great - I prefer the b&w because it really puts the focus on the eyes. And nice shots of those stags - especially the last one. Nice shots of the loons too ;>) And what a thrill getting to hold an eagle.

    Great to hear from you - sounds like life on the island is agreeing with you !

    1. Rick did you hear that Saz and Gareth are now officially engaged? I'm so happy for them and thought I'd share her fantastic news with you too! After all we can't leave you out of the loop! :-)

    2. Aha, thank you so much Rick! (:
      I'm really loving it here, it's so nice - heading back for home in two weeks though, so won't be here much longer..

      And yeah..Darlin's right, we can't leave you out the loop - so guilty as charged! :-P

  2. Hi there Saz, well look at you go're photos are awesome! You've sure come a long way in a short period of time, can you see the difference in the shots you're taking now compared to when you first started blogging? I sure can and it's impressive! I love seeing that you're experimenting with the B&W as well as with ... arrrrg, the name just escaped me, the what the heck is it called? brb... lol Vignette... that's it! I'd best get off this computer and now! lol

    Fantastic shots, glad to hear from you again and you take care! Cheers.

    1. Thank you so much Darlin. (:

      I really can, I'm amazed with how much I have improved in such a short space of time.
      Haha, yep, but then, experimenting is always good anyway. :-P Haha.

      Thanks again!


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