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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Day 235, November 2011

Day 235, 10th November 2011

Today's POD. (: My draw with my shirts, P.J's and jumpers. There's so many shirts that I really need to sort through. I should really start giving some to charity, because I don't wear them all, haha.

Also, here's a shot of me and my boyfriend, since you wanted to see Darlin. (: 

Dormy Saz


  1. Thank you Saz, I see what wonderful taste you have! Your boyfriend is handsome... shhh, don't tell him I said that, we don't want it to go to his head! lol You two look fantastic together, so happy and content.

    I hear you about giving away some clothes, I didn't realize just how many I have til I moved into my own house. I have 3 closets, two are full the other is only half full and I don't wear most of it. My dressers are stuffed as well. I wonder how in the heck I've accumulated all these clothes. I know someone will appreciate them, they're no good to me to just be sitting in closets.

    Have a fantastic weekend, I'll be writing most of this weekend but if I can manage a bit of time away from writing I'll stop in. Take care!

  2. Hehe, thank you darlin! He really is, isn't he. ;) I really am happy with him.

    Yeah.. I have more t-shirts then anything, its just a complete nightmare, haha.

    Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy writing, haha.


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