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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Some Random Photo's

My walk to and from work is so beautiful. There is so much plant life and such, and I absolutely love it! Here's a couple of photo's I took on my way back a couple of days ago. 


  1. Saz these are fantastic photos, I love the last one especially! You've sure come a long way with your photos in a short period of time, next thing you'll be getting a DSLR! That's what I did after I figured out I had such a passion for taking photos and I don't regret one penny of it!


  2. Lovely photos, Saz - I agree with Darlene that you've come a long way. Coincidentally I also made a few shots of a thistle in bloom today. Nicely captured !

  3. Darlin - I'm working towards a DSLR! Looking at getting the canon EOS 1000D.. Just need the money to do so! Haha. I'm focusing on my driving first, then I'll work towards the camera. (:

    Rick - Thank you! Haha, great minds think alike.


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